Good Chemistry: Celebrating National Chemistry Week

This week (October 16-22) is National Chemistry Week, so we’re shining the spotlight on how chemistry affects our everyday lives. From pharmaceuticals to vitamins to cleansing agents, most of us encounter the wonders of chemistry daily. The batteries that power our electric toothbrushes, the food prepared for our breakfasts, the ink that appears on our newspapers are all chemical creations in action.

The American Chemical Society has designated the week’s theme as “Chemistry—Our Health, Our Future!” Museums, university chemistry departments, companies, and government agencies are celebrating the week with demonstrations and displays, environmental clean-ups, lectures, tours, chemistry walks, and more.

At the same time, 2011 has been named the International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011), a globe-spanning recognition of the contributions of chemistry. It coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the International Association of Chemical Societies. With a slate of activities taking place worldwide, the goals include sparking interest in young students, generating enthusiasm for the future of the science, and enhancing the appreciation of chemistry in meeting world needs. Earlier in the year, the game show Jeopardy! celebrated IYC 2011 with a dedicated chemistry category.

View chemical products from Cole-Parmer.

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