Spring Gardening: Measuring the pH of Soil

Have you tried to plant something in your garden and failed? Maybe you have given up and accepted that you just don’t have a green thumb. The problem may not be with you, but instead with your soil. For plants to thrive, they need proper soil pH. The pH of soil indicates more than its alkalinity or acidity strength; it affects the relative availability of nutrients, the soil life, and the type of plants that will thrive. Determining your soil pH can go a long way toward ensuring that your plant will survive.

Plants have different soil pH preferences and several gardeners’ web sites offer charts of preferred pH levels for various plants. Knowing the pH of soil can help you choose the required treatment of soil for your plants.

Read Testing the pH of Soil Samples for more information and watch a brief video highlighting one method of testing the pH of your soil.

For additional information related to testing the pH of your soil or for other pH questions, please contact a Cole-Parmer Application Specialist.

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