What’s Your Color? Portable Compact Color Meters Help You Find Out

June 16, 2011

Color Meters are ideal for checking painted surfaces, plastics, graphics, paper, textile, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. They also can be used in food and agriculture applications.

Cole-Parmer offers a Compact Color Meter that is lightweight and portable for use in the lab, plant, or field. Some models contain a sapphire window to lend extra protection to the color sensor.

The Compact Color Meters store readings in memory and recall readings on the display. Select color meters include software to enable users to manipulate and analyze data—download stored measurements through the USB port, create reports, upload standards, and create color libraries for automatic closest-color searching. The software includes formulas for CIELAB, Hunter Lab, CMC, LCh, and CIE94; it also calculates whiteness/yellowness indices, opacity, brightness, and delta E.


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