Ready for a Challenge? Test Your Knowledge of Hydrofluoric Acid in Etching

December 9, 2010

Read the scenario below, determine your answer, then click on the link to see if you are right!

Luigi, a process engineer, currently uses a 20% hydrofluoric acid in his etching process. He is considering using a higher concentration of this acid in order to speed up his operation. Currently, he stores the acid in a 40-gallon double-wall tank made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). He pumps the acid out of this tank using an air-operated pump with wetted materials of Kynar® PVDF and PTFE.

What concentration of hydrofluoric acid can Luigi safely use given his current equipment?

A. He needs to stay with his current 20% concentration there is no way to speed up the operation.

B. He can increase to a 50% hydrofluoric acid to improve his process.

C. He can increase to a 75% hydrofluoric acid to improve his process.

D. He can increase to a 100% hydrofluoric acid for maximum speed.

See the answer.


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