Detecting Hot Spots: Advances in Thermal Imaging Technology

September 29, 2011

Thermal imaging is used by law enforcement for surveillance, investigations, and search and rescue operations. It helps those in manufacturing and industry detect excessive heat coming from machinery. Military operations use the technology for night vision. Firefighters can use it to detect fire sources and areas of intense heat. The many applications of thermal imaging technology continue to expand, as do options for thermal imagers.

One advanced option is the Flir T-620 ThermaCAM Advanced Industrial Thermal Imager with Voice Annotation and 4x digital zoom. It’s the industry’s leading high resolution camera with scalable Fusion (PIP) and touch screen display. It offers the highest accuracy of its class at 2% and has admirable features: it copies images and reports them to USB flash drives, offers instant in-camera multipage report generation, and has a Bluetooth transmitter with METERLiNK® wireless communication.

View the T-620 in this short video:



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